Imagine waking up a prisoner in your own body…unable to walk, talk or even hug the people you love most. This is the story of Heidi Ann McFarlane.

Heidi McFarlane was a kind, caring and compassionate young woman.  Her zest for life and heart-warming smile were contagious and it seemed that her best days were yet to come…

A graduate of Bloomington Jefferson High School and the University of Minnesota, Heidi worked passionately as a dental hygienist in Edina, MN.  Living with her boyfriend of five years, Rick Lindquist, the happy couple was only two short months in to their engagement when things began to go terribly wrong.

In June of 2005, Heidi developed a slight tremor and quickly began losing control of her motor skills.  With her condition deteriorating rapidly, Heidi was forced to quit her job and with in just eight months of the realization that something was amiss, the wedding was called-off and Heidi moved home to live with her parents where her mother became her full-time caregiver.

Unable to walk or talk, Heidi desperately sought help from the brightest doctors at the best medical institutions across the country only to be left with more unanswered questions.

After a year of failed treatments, Heidi spent 2007 battling for her life.  Having moved in and out of hospitals and nursing homes, today Heidi attempts to regain her life at an adult foster home in Crystal, MN



Heidi's Story