Regrettably, today Heidi was served with a “Notice to Demit” by Sue Walker of Hammer Residences, Inc.

Having spent more than a year in the Texas Terrace Care Center, St. Louis Park, MN, in May 2008, Heidi was excited to be accepted by Hammer Residences, Inc and move to “Welcome Place” in Crystal, MN.  However, after just seven short months, Hammer elected to terminate the services they provided Heidi despite the incredible social and physical progress she made living under their care.

The official demit notice dated 12/9/08 read as follows:

“Dear Heidi,

Since you moved to Welcome Place on May 21, 2008 we have made every attempt to provide the most complete and responsible services.  We have been privileged and appreciate the getting to know you and care for you.  The issue of your desire to eat, contrary to medical testing and advice, has brought us to this decision that we can no longer provide services.

This letter is to inform you in writing of our decision to terminate services by Hammer Residences at Welcome Place.  This serves as the 60 day notification of this termination.  According to the regulations, you have the right to seek a temporary order to stay the termination.

We hope for the very best for you and your family.


Sue Walker”

Heidi and her family are devastated by this news.  Please pray for a successful resolution to this difficult situation.


UPDATE: After an extensive search for an alternative placement, the Hennepin County Case Manager and Heidi’s family were unable to locate a suitable housing placement and therefore the 60 deadline imposed by Hammer was not met.  With Hammer unwilling to negotiate, Bill McFarlane was left with no other option than to hire an attorney to represent Heidi and take her case to court.  Thanks to the legal guidance and expertise of attorney David Jacobs, Heidi got her day in court where she was granted a stay of termination.  This court ruling allowed Heidi and her family the time necessary to identify an appropriate residence where she could live comfortably and her wishes would be granted.    On Monday, March 2nd, 2009, Heidi got her wish and left Welcome Place for the last time….later that day Heidi PASSED her swallow study at Sister Kenny Institute in Minneapolis, MN.